Goodfellas Pizzeria - Goodfella's pizzeria in Staten Island, NY


our family tries to order out once every two weeks as a treat for ourselves. With the economy the way it is, times are tough for all so stretching your $ means alot.

Goodfella's pizzeria in staten island, NY prides itself on its pizza but sadley thier customer service stinks and thier food is going down the toilet. Not only did the mess up on a phone order they did not rectifiy the situation and said "oh well" when it came down to the disappointment of the customer.

I am sick and tired of company's not caring for the consumer and getting away with it. I advise people to make more complaints instead of waiting for someone to do it for them and give credit where credit belongs.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Jul 29, 2010.

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